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Death by Starvation 12

Original material sent to Congregation for Beatification, 1997.

Recent letter sent to Cardinal Amato, Prefect of Congregation.

Death by Starvation 12


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Death by Starvation 11

Letter to Pope Francis Re: Armenian Martyrs. , Conditions Imposed on the People of Ireland during the Hunger, 1845-51.

Death by Starvation 11

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Death by Starvation 10

Extermination and Intolerance


History of Ireland and Acts of Bigotry


Death by Starvation 10

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Death by Starvation 9

Proselytism and conditions during the Irish Hunger, 1845-51.

Death by Starvation 9



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Death by Starvation 8

Death by Starvation 8

Conditions of Irish People during the Hunger.

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Death by Starvation 7

More information in support of the Beatification of The Irish Hunger Martyrs. 1845-51. Congregation # Prot. N. Var. 4482/79. Reports on Starvation in Ireland.

Death by Starvation 7

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Death by Starvation 6

Exports from Ireland to England: Inquests. Starvation in Skibbereen, Mayo, Clare and other areas.


Death by Starvation 6

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Death by Starvation 5

The Potato Famine and the Irish Emigration, B.F. Speed


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Part 4 Irish Hunger Martyrs

Reports from clergy on conditions.

Subjects: Conditions in Killaloe, Meath,Ardagh,Armagh, Partry, Mayo, Cork.



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Death by Starvation – 3

Part 3                                        Irish Hunger Martyrs


See Cardinal Cullen’s Pastoral Letter on Proselytism. He mentions the slow MARTYRDOM suffered by the victims. { p. 425 }.

The hunger victims were offered food if they renounced their Catholic Faith. There were Religious Missions sent over from England to convert the starving Catholics. They refused the bribe and suffered starvation and death for their Catholic Faith. They also had to watch their children go through a slow starvation process in a daily state of agony.

Subjects : Proselytism at various locations in Ireland, Conditions in Co. Clare.


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