Posted by: irishhungercomm | April 24, 2010

Events in the West

Here is a brief events list of organizations I have been in contact with in regard to commemorating the Irish Hunger Victims.

Seattle, Washington:  Open-air Mass on Memorial Day at Seattle’s St. Patrick Cemetery which is a small (4 ½ acres) Irish Pioneer Cemetery founded by an Irish family in 1880. The Famine is always remembered and mentioned during the Mass as that is the event.

Reno, Nevada:  Contacted the Sons & Daughters of Erin chapter in Reno. They are very interested in commemorating the Irish Hunger Victims. I have sent the material that has been forwarded to me by the committee and also sent a copy of the famine DVD that Bill sent to me.

Phoenix, Arizona: Waiting to hear back from the president on the Phoenix, Arizona Irish Cultural Center. They have a memorial to the famine on the culture center grounds.

San Francisco, CA.: The California Irish Cultural Society is planning to hold a food drive to commemorate the Irish Hunger Victims. Plus, hand out literature on the Famine.

I’m still waiting to hear back from other cities and organizations out here in the west. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. In regard to the DVD that Bill sent me. I took the liberty to have copies made of it with a very nice label on the DVD.

All the best,

George Trainor


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