Posted by: irishhungercomm | June 20, 2011

Rathdown Union Workhouse and Famine Graveyard

From Billy Byrne

Thank you Micheal & Olivia.  I have taken a small group of people on a tour around the Rathdown Union Workhouse and Famine Graveyard.  I hope to have explained a little of the history of this place.




  1. Dear Billy
    I am trying to get as much information on the Graveyard at the back of the Rathdown Union Workhouse(Now Loughlinstown Hospital) as we plan on a ‘planting day’ the first weekend in October 2013, to surround the outer circumference of the figure ‘8’ shape of the graveyard with 2500 – 3000 Daffodils on this weekend, such a very special place. My father, Lord rest him had so many stories and history to this buuilding and surrounds, however, I am trying to piece together a concise history for the parish newsletter before the said planting weekend. If you could guide me in any way, I would be most grateful.

  2. Please
    e-mail me with contact details and I will help you as much as I can.


  3. To Billy Byrne. I was researching Rathdown Workhouse where my mother in law was born in 1917, her name Johanna Price. Your surname was mentioned. Any connection??


  4. it would be better that instead of plaques, subscriptions be given to irish charities. i am 100% sure the dead wpuld prefer that. just where is the money going.

  5. Doing some family history research I have recently found out that my great grandad, Garrett Shannon died in Loughlinstown workhouse in 1914. As he had grown up family around him, and as he only lived up the road, Brighton Cottages, Foxrock I found it surprising that he died here. Was the workhouse used as a hospital as well? Can anyone help please?

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