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We are the American Committee to honor the victims of the Irish Hunger 1845-51. The Irish Government has set up their own committee for an annual Commemoration Day. This year’s dates are May 22 and 23, 2010 in America. We ask all Irish groups and people worldwide to participate in Masses and Memorials to honor and show respect for our family ancestors, who were the victims of this man made catastrophe. People could have Masses arranged in their local churches. The victims should be remembered in the Prayers of the Faithful. Church bells could be rung at 2 P.M., Sunday, May 23, 2010.  Churches in Ireland will ring their bells as a sign of respect for the victims of the Hunger.  A notice in the church bulletin previous to the Mass would be helpful in having more people attend. People could bring food to the Mass which would be given to the poor. Services could be held at any Hunger Memorial locations in your area.

Purpose of the Hunger Commemoration Committee:

1.      To encourage all people in the Irish diaspora to honor the victims of the Irish Hunger for their courage and sacrifices under inhuman conditions.

2.      To support, organize and assist world wide appropriate Activities in Remembrance of Irish Hunger victims.

3.      To support the Irish Government’s Commemoration Committee’s annual commemoration activities.

Thank you for spreading the word and helping us in honoring our people who suffered so much.

Bill Fahey


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