Posted by: irishhungercomm | April 24, 2010

How many died?

Now that we have an annual day to remember the victims of the Irish Hunger we are also seeing much being written, and republished, about various aspects of this horrible tragedy.  People are digging into the truth of why so many died and there is serious doubt being raised as to the figures that have been used thus far. Many believe the figure to be far higher and the premise is in the under reporting in the census numbers of the time. We have our own census being compiled right now, in the USA, and you just have to watch the TV commercials – and the amount of money being spent to air them – to realize how difficult it is to get people to respond. It seems obvious there are many who don’t want to be counted or can’t be bothered to get involved, for whatever reasons, and the same was the case back in the era of the “Famine.” If they were not counted at the time who was to know when they died? They were chaotic times  –  so who was to know? Any further input on this aspect would be appreciated.


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