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Death by Starvation 2

Part 2                                             -Irish Hunger Martyrs.

The attached document has some duplicate material

This information regarding The Irish Hunger, 1845-52 comes from old newspapers books and archives from research in Ireland and elsewhere.

Subjects: Death Census-Mayo. Longford, CavanGalway, Limerick.  State of Bantry,, Skibbereen

We are hoping to have the appropriate innocent victims beatified in Rome for their deaths and sufferings endured for their Catholic Faith.

Congregation For the Causes of the Saints. Prot. N.Var. 4482/97.

Please support this cause and. distribute this information to friends and contacts.



Conditions in Bantry, Co. Cork


Destitution in Co. Mayo


Destitution in Skibbereen, Co. Cork


State of Ireland, Co. Tipperary


Relief Committees, Exclusion of Catholic Clergy



  1. Gentlemen,

    Please understand I write not as a criticism of your efforts to date or your plans for the future but rather to make some points that may not have been considered to date.

    In regarding the document attached in your email-I believe we are both agreed that those that perished in 1845-48 in Ireland and en route to Canada did so out of lack of food – that was available in Ireland but shipped across the Irish Sea daily – leaving no food for the general population of Ireland. The resulting outcome was inevitable – with the following exceptions

    the aristocracy in Ireland survived. Clear evidence that there was no “Famine”.

    the hundreds of foreign troops stationed around Ireland survived also – more evidence.

    In the document sent – many priests reported deaths also. No issue there. However – how come – in such a desperate situation as existed did priests survive and their parishioners didn’t? It is a question that has to be asked and answered.

    Now I come to your proposal to have those that perished beatified. Be aware I make no claim to be a good Catholic or no where even near that concept. When it comes to throwing stones at others – I’ll be last in line.

    While I believe there were very many good people among those that perished – how can they be considered for beatification – when that status is reserved for people like St. Francis, Mother Teresa, etc etc.

    My feeling is that the hierarchy in Rome may come to the conclusion as I have above – that priests in Ireland should not have received any special privileges above their parishioners to survive starvation but survive they did. Why ?

    I believe others will come to similar conclusions as I have and ask the same questions and my thought is that those that perished in Ireland will not be beatified.

    If I have missed something here I sincerely apologise.

    Best Regards


    • Brendan,

      Thanks for your comments. Check Part 3 on the blog for reasons why the Hunger victim should be recognized for their deaths and sufferings. The y refused the bribe of food and died with their families for their Catholic Faith.

      Many priests and nuns died because of their contacts with the victims when helping them. Clergy from other religions worked with the priests in some areas. Some of them and their families also died because of their contacts with the victims.

      All the best,

      Bill Fahey

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