Posted by: irishhungercomm | August 23, 2017

Death by Starvation 1

Part 1                                               -Irish Hunger Martyrs.

This information regarding The Irish Hunger, 1845-52 comes from old newspapers books and archives from research in Ireland and elsewhere.

Subjects: Exports, State of Ireland -Tipperary, Famine in Ireland, Death Census – Tipperary, Tyrone, Waterford, West Meath, Meath.

We are hoping to have the appropriate innocent victims beatified in Rome for their deaths and sufferings endured for their Catholic Faith.

Congregation For the Causes of the Saints. Prot. N.Var. 4482/97.

Please support this cause and. distribute this information to friends and contacts.




  1. If one was to check on Ireland’s Golden Vale one will notice that soil conditions never changed
    The ground has been as fertile in 100 AD a it is today – producing some of the best in Europe

    Undeniable evidence a ” famine” never occurred in Ireland.
    We Irish need to hold this line not to bash the English but to show utter respect to those that perished

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