Posted by: irishhungercomm | July 23, 2017


New research by Bill Fahey

Despite the fact that detailed knowledge of  the Great Hunger was not  widely discussed  for many generations there are people who have kept the research alive. Bill Fahey is one of theses people and he and others like him who insist that respect for the Victims, of the so called Famine, be ongoing. Bill adds to his research findings every time he visits Ireland and he is currently working on a campaign to place grave markers in places where unmarked graves are found. On a trip, last year, he made contact with historians in County Kerry. Permission is now being obtained to place grave markers in this part of Ireland

Another goal that Bill has worked on, with passion,  for several years is a campaign to recognize the Victims of the Great Hunger with beatifification. Thousands of signatures have been collected in support of this and they have been submitted to the Vatican. It would be marvelous if Pope Francis would complete this effort by saying “yes” to the plea of Bill and others during his visit to Ireland next year.

Bill Fahey will be sharing details of his ongoing research so watch these pages for more.


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