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Bill Fahey Selected as Aide to Parade Grand Marshall Cardinal Dolan

Many readers of this Blog are familiar with the research work of Bill Fahey, President of the The Committee To Honor The Victims Of The Irish Hunger, 1845 – 51, Inc.  Without the backing of any educational institution and using his own efforts and resources Bill succeeded in compiling a huge volume of facts, figures and statistics relating to the Irish Hunger – also known as the Irish Famine.  Bill did receive valuable input from the AOH and in particular from Jim Gallagher.   As of now this work remains unpublished but it was used as backup for submission of a petition, with thousands of signatures, to the Vatican.  This petition made the point that Victims of the Irish Hunger died for their Faith and asked that they be beatified. The petition has been backed by, among others, previous New York Cardinals and has been under consideration, by the Vatican, for several years. Cardinal O’Connor commended and submitted the petition, to the Vatican, and Cardinal Egan also helped in following up.

To learn more about the petition please visit:

Now Bill Fahey has passed the backup details to Cardinal Dolan and asked that he look into this matter on his next trip to Rome.  Bill has taken the opportunity to do this as he was recently selected as an Aide to Cardinal Dolan in the Cardinal’s position as Grand Marshall of the  New York Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.  Obviously Bill Fahey feels honored in being chosen and, not being a man who is shy in coming forward, perhaps he will try to get some aid from Cardinal Dolan in this extremely worthy endeavor.


Cardinal Dolan and Bill Fahey



  1. They did notdie because of their faith, they died from human greed,cattle was shipped from Ireland to uk which could have been used to eleviate the hunger.

  2. Bill Fahey is a very hard working devoted man to his heritage. He is well deserving of this honor. God Bless !

  3. With genuine respect, McCarthy’s view is very limited as there were more than one cause of the widespread and devastating Irish Hunger. People did die because they refused to change religion in exchange for soup or other bribes offered by Protestant proselytizers. Was this a direct effect, probably not, but, in general, starvation resulted in diseases which did result in deaths. Further, the Brits withheld more than cattle from the starving peasants and shipped vegetables, fruit and other foodstuffs, grown in Ireland, to England – under armed guard, at that. Did they do this because Irish peasants chose to be Catholic? In some cases, I wouldn’t doubt it. One only has to read statements by Trevelyan and other British Government leaders to know that they viewed Irish Catholics with disdain and sought to convert them to British ways, including Protestantism. One could also read that the Government would be content in eradicating the Irish Catholic population if they didn’t convert. My view, it was a clear example of man’s inhumanity to man, based on bigotry and arrogance, in part due to religious differences..

    Jim Gallagher

    • Yes History reports that there was enough food in Ireland during An Gorta Mor to feed more than 30 Million people and the Brits did “export” the food out Ireland.

  4. The Irish Hunger Victims were offered food to give up their Catholic Faith. They refused the bribe and suffered the the horrific consequences.
    Bill Fahey

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