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The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter

The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter

Check out the Ireland Canada Monument on The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter
Nuachlitir Shéadchomhartha na hÉireann agus Cheanada
In Recognition of the Contribution of Irish Canadians to Canada.

Ní bheidh ár leithéidí arís ann! There will never be the likes of us again
Monumental News – November 29th 2014. Issue #93
Monument Site – Latest Update
In the previous issue of this newsletter it was reported that two sites were suggested to the Monument Society by Vancouver Parks Board.
Since that issue, the Society has been notified by Parks Board staff that a green area adjacent to the existing planter can also be included in the area for the Monument at David Lam Park . The Society is delighted to have secured the additional area and it is intended that this green area would be the location of “The Garden of Ireland” similar to a proposed area for the site at George Wainborne Park. Preliminary design sketches were issued to Vancouver Parks Board for the George Wainborne site including site plan, elevations of the names / art panels and a detail section. It must be made clear that no approvals have been provided by Parks Board at this time.
The Society has produced the drawings primarily to obtain budget pricing for the project. The estimate amount will be forwarded to Parks Board staff as a target amount for project fundraising. The target amount will include contingencies.
For the George Wainborn site, four memorial areas are proposed with the 32 names / art panels arranged as follows:

1. Connaught (2 Names Panels and 3 Art Panels)
2. Ulster (9 Panels – 5 Names Panels and 4 Art Panels)
3. Leinster (12 panels – 6 Names Panels and 6 Art Panels)
4. Munster (6 panels – 3 Names Panels and 3 Art Panels)

Public Process Date Revised
Parks Board have suggested to the Monument Society that the date for the public process be revised to January 29th 2015 in order to allow local residents and business who may be out of town for Christmas to have sufficient time to become familiar with the project on their return. The public process will be in place for a period of three (3) weeks. The Society are very supportive of this change.

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