Posted by: irishhungercomm | June 9, 2014

Unmarked Famine Graves

From: Michael Blanch <>
Date: 9 June 2014 15:16
Subject: Unmarked Famine Graves.
To: alison.o’

Dear Alison,

The CCIFV thank you for exposing this shameful and hidden history of the babies burial.

A short introduction the CCIFV are the group who campaigned for a National Famine Memorial Day to give respect, reverence and remembrance to the innocent victims of An Gorta Mor which was blessed by the Government in 2008.

In 2012 the CCIFV asked the Government to clean up all the Famine graves around the Country in preparation for the “Gathering”.

The CCIFV have started to mark any Famine graves we are informed about the first Marker was unveiled in Newry on the 4th May 2014 the South Dublin Union/SJH have given permission for the second Marker. Wicklow County Council are waiting on the Marker measurements to put in one application for all the unmarked Famine graves in their care.

The initial funding is by a Irish American Bill Fahey but this is a gigantic undertaking for one man and a small volunteer group like the CCIFV.

The CCIFV have started a campaign for the London Administration to fund the Marker Project of the graves of the Great Irish Famine.

The CCIFV have informed all the political parties and leaders on this Island North and South of the Border of this campaign for their support in petitioning the London Government and informed London of the Marker Project campaign.

The CCIFV have a letter of support from Cardinal Brady asking all his Bishops to help find any unmarked graves in their locality.

When Gods Law and mans Law was Broken.


Michael Blanch.                 .


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