Posted by: irishhungercomm | June 4, 2014

Tracton’s Second Famine Walk – Tracton to Kinsale

You all very kindly gave our first Famine Commemoration Walk great publicity in 2013;
the Famine Walk, from Tracton near Kinsale, was such a popular commemoration that the second Tracton Famine Walk will take place on June 21st 2014 – and we hope that this article will encourage those who will be holidaying in Ireland on that day would join us; all are welcome.

Here is our current publicity and a  picture from last year’s walk.

As well a memorial stone will be placed at the foot of the Famine Hawthorn Tree, which was  planted in the grounds of the Kinsale Hospital at the conclusion of  last year’s walk – we are  posting a picture of the stone here.

Tracton’s Second Famine Walk.

In June 2013 the people of Tracton turned out in large  numbers to walk the 8 miles to the Kinsale Community Hospital, which was, in 1850, the Kinsale Workhouse.That walk commemorated for the first time the recorded fact that on June 22nd in 1850, 124 famine stricken residents of Tracton parish left their homes and walked that same 8 mile route to the Workhouse, because they had no other choice.Infants, grandparents, the sick, weak, young and old, entire families,  all trekked to the workhouse  in their dire need.From the meticulous records kept by the Workhouse we know the names and ages of every one of the 124 Great Famine victims.The Famine Memorial Walk was so popular an event last year that it will be repeated this June 21nd, beginning at the Tracton Arts and Community Centre, where walkers will get their registration number and the name of the Famine victim whom they will represent on the walk.

Registration is timed for 10 am; registration fee is 10 euros. All funds will be shared between the Tracton Community Council and the Kinsale Hospital.

All are welcome- from Tracton and from any/every other  place! Do wear suitable clothing and footwear and please follow the advice of the designated stewards. Children are under the direct care of their parent /guardian.

Upon arrival at Kinsale there will be a short ceremony for the unveiling of the inscribed stone marking the site of the Famine Tree which was planted at the completion of last year’s walk, by kind permission of the Kinsale Hospital.

Further information, Lisa at 086 0711910





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