Posted by: irishhungercomm | April 8, 2014

Special Message from Jim Gallagher

From: Jim Gallagher
Subj:  Memorial Service May 18th

Please see the notice below.

I ask that you forward this to your AOH contacts in CT and request that each Division consider, during the month of May, having either a Mass said, or a public event (talk, video, etc.) held to commemorate the more than 3 million Irish Famine victims (died and emigrated).  Those who emigrated to America could be among our own forebears, who may arrived in New York, Boston, or other US ports.  It is very important to remember those who did immigrate, because they gave us the opportunity to live a better life in America than was available to the Irish in Ireland for, at least, the 75 years following the Hunger period (1845-1850).  These commemorations would provide the dignity of remembrance as those who died in Ireland were, for the most part, buried in mass unmarked graves and still lie unknown.  Most never received last rites from the church before their horrible deaths.  Many others were simply thrown overboard in the Atlantic Ocean if they died on the “coffin ships” en route to the Americas.  So, very simply, they deserve our remembrance and prayers.  Thanks.

Jim Gallagher

TO ALL: Brother Kevin Durant is scheduling a Commemoration event at the “An Gorta Mor” Memorial on School Street in Boston on Sunday May 18th at 2:00 PM.

I respectfully ask you to mark your calendars and attend this service. Please remember this is to honor and respect the MILLIONS who suffered and the Million Plus that perished in this horrific period in Irish History.   Yours In Friendship Unity and True Christian Charity.

Dick MacDonald
National VP Commemoration  Committee



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