Posted by: irishhungercomm | January 20, 2014

Workhouse in Ennistymon, Co. Clare

From: Jim Gallagher
To: Irishamerican Heritage Museum

Sent: Mon, Dec 9, 2013 7:22 pm
Subject: Irish Hunger workhouse exhibit, Ennistymon, Co. Clare

Some years ago, your Museum displayed an exhibit on the workhouse in
Ennistymon, Co. Clare.  I saw that exhibit in the Library in Ennistymon
back in 1995 or 6.  The work was done under a FAS project and it was very
well done.  Since the structure of most all workhouses at the time were
identical, this exhibit would represent the “standard” workhouse in
Ireland.  The workhouses were usually accompanied by Mass Graves, many of
which remain unmarked and neglected.  My Committee is working with County
Historical Societies in Ireland to identify the locations of Mass Graves
and Workhouses, and, to clean up the graves and identify them, as a token
means of commemorating the victims of the Hunger. We also hope that
Workhouse relics (structures and implements) can be saved and restored as
educational monuments, of a sort.

Can you tell me whether you retained photos of the Workhouse Exhibit, or
retained the Exhibit itself, or, whether it was shipped back to Ireland,
and, to whom?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jim Gallagher, Secretary
American Committee for The Commemoration of Victims of the Irish Hunger,



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