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Victims of the Irish Hunger, 1845-52 – Burial on Staten Island

From: sicemetery
To: bfahey7
Sent: Tue, Dec 24, 2013 8:33 am
Subject: Re: An Gorta Mór

Thank you very much for making notifications, we have to get the word out.  Bill Reilly and I did this for them, for righteousness and for our ancestors whose bones could very well be in those caskets. I am glad it is coming to a conclusion, I have been thinking of providing a few tours at the site during the year.

The location is not the idea place for an event, but I met with the architect and State construction manager last week and we came up with a location that is mostly cement, the burial vault is within viewing distance (about 50 feet in the grassy hill area). A good place for chairs.

The draft of the event is as follows, please feel free to comment, suggestions. we will also produce a commemorative booklet, and will seek ads or memorials to help pay for the event.  I’ll send you a formal announcement in January to pass along.

Would you like to speak at the event?
Draft of event

S.I. pipes and drums, AOH/pall bearers, undertaker will bring the caskets from down the street to the cemetery staging area, in front of the guests:

Pipes/drums will play Amazing grace

Welcome and site introduction: Lynn

Msgr. Dorney/clergy: Consecrate the grounds, service

Tenor Andy Cooney will solemnly sing two songs
S.I. Outloud will read an appropriate poem

Visitors will be encouraged to place flowers on the caskets.

Tenor Andy Cooney will sing 1 song

Closing remarks

Pipes and drums will perform and parade out of the area


Lynn Rogers

—–Original Message—–
From: Bill Fahey
To: SICemetery
Sent: Sat, Dec 21, 2013 6:58 pm
Subject: Fwd: An Gorta Mór


I sent this e-mail to the Archdiocese for their information. The Irish Government has also been informed. I hope you get some recognition for all the great work you did with Bill Rielly to honor these innocent victims of the Irish Hunger.

Bill Fahey

From: Bill Fahey
To: Archbishop Dolan
Sent: Sat, Dec 21, 2013 4:55 pm
Subject: Fwd: An Gorta Mór

Dear Cardinal Dolan,

There is going to be a Memorial Service for some of the victims of the Irish Hunger, 1845-52, on Staten Island on April 27, 2014. These victims came here at the time in order to survive. They died because of the poor health conditions they had to endure from starvation and related diseases in Ireland. They have a direct connection with the Irish Hunger.

Cardinal Egan attended a Memorial Service for these victims a few years ago and gave a wonderful history about their suffering and deaths.
I know you will give proper respect to these innocent victims.

My name is Bill Fahey. Cardinal O’ Connor sent a request for Beatification of the appropriate victims to Rome at my request around  the time
of the 150th. Anniversary of The Hunger.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Bill Fahey




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