Posted by: irishhungercomm | January 20, 2014

Update from Olivia and Michael Blanch

Update from Olivia and Michael Blanch in Dublin

A lot has happened since Friday’s meeting to fill you in in broad strokes.

When the graves project was put forward they kicked it to touch it’s the Dept of the Environment that’s local government we are on the right track with the Councillor. We will get a commitment from Minister Hogan to oversee all the Councils in the 26 counties where there are Famine Graves in their care and information in relation to these graves.

We are still waiting for the HSE to get back on the Workhouses in their care, it may take a personal call.

May is the most probable month for the 2014 NFMD in Strokestown and there should be an announcement in the next two weeks. Pushed hard for a fixed date and to be put in the National calendar they didn’t commit but said it may be the way forward.

The NMI have been in touch and are in the process of a program of the years from 1550’s to modern day Ireland opening in 2016 and the Famine An Gorta Mor is in the middle of it. The CCIFV campaign has succeeded for a Famine exhibition in the NMI.

Meeting with the Museum at the end of January for a fuller picture.

It will give us more time to concentrate on the Innocents last resting place.

I will ring David tomorrow re the Markers.

All the Best,

Michael and Olivia


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