Posted by: irishhungercomm | January 20, 2014

Mass Graves of the Irish Hunger Victims

From: Jim Miley The Gathering Ireland
To: Bill Fahey
Sent: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 4:17 pm
Subject: Famine Graves

Dear Mr Fahey

Many thanks for your email which follows from your previous correspondence in August 2012 in relation to your on-going efforts to have the mass graves of the Irish Hunger Victims identified and cleaned up.

While The Gathering did not have any direct capacity to support this work, we are aware of a number of initiatives around the country that were undertaken over the last year in relation to graveyard renovation and graves identification.

Kerry County Council have just completed a full inventory of their 140 graveyards and now have a dedicated website where people can search for ancestors buried in those graveyards – see

I understand that this includes famine graves in a number of cases.
The Eachtra Historic Graves project has also been doing great work in a number of counties supported by local authorities in identifying and mapping historical graves

It is the local authorities that are best placed to continue with this work as they own the majority of graveyards across the country and have primary responsibility for them.

I’m sure you have already been in contact with the Heritage Council who would also have a strong remit in this area. The CEO there is Michael Starrett and he can be reached at

I trust this is helpful and I wish you every success in your endeavours.

With kind regards

Jim Miley
Project Director

The Gathering Ireland 2013


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