Posted by: irishhungercomm | January 20, 2014

Irish Hunger Victims – Grave Markers around Ireland

The American Committee For The Commemoration Of Victims Of the Irish Hunger (1845-1851) mounts a project to place grave markers as a tribute to the Victims of the Irish Hunger.

Bill Fahey and Michael Blanch are working on a project to place grave markers at locations around Ireland where there are unmarked graves of the Irish Hunger Victims. Bill recently spent several weeks in Ireland when himself and Michael started work on this plan. They are first getting an example of this marker and it can then be used as a template to use around the country.

They are currently looking for the involvement of local authorities and volunteer groups and as much help as possible in placing these identifying and memorial markers.

From: Michael Blanch
To: Bill Fahey
Sent: Sat, Dec 7, 2013 4:38 am
Subject: Re: Marker.

Bill, good morning.

The records are there we just have to get those whose duty it is to come on board. We have the commitment of the C of I to help. First the template of marking one mass grave. Sponsorship will follow.

Spoke to Pat Casey the Wicklow Councillor who is finding out the process for putting one of the markers at the Rathdrum Famine Grave what the Council require. He is arranging a meeting with the Wicklow Councillor historian/ archivist over all of Wicklow she should be able to point us in the right direction for the Famine Graves in Wicklow, he will ring back during the week with the info.
The principle of Laragh school is who I gave the Lumpers to and had a great harvest with the children is very active with the Rathdrum Historical Society who will be key to the communities participation in the project. She got the walkers path to go through the Famine Grave to make the people aware of it. I will visit her during the week and let her know what’s coming.

All the Best,



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