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Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter

From: Brendan Flynn

The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter

Monumental News –June 28th 2013. Issue #79.5 Special Edition

To those to be named on the Ireland Canada Monument, Esteemed Patrons and select others.

Please find a special issue of the Monument Newsletter.

For the complete Newsletter with photographs please visit:

The granite sample contained within is proposed for the Monument. The stone comes from a quarry in southern India.

Previously Vancouver Parks Board had informed us that they did not favour black granite previously submitted.

Mr. Dan Bellan, Granite Contractor, in Vancouver informs us that this stone is ideal for letter and artwork engraving similar to the Ireland Canada Monument.

The photos of the Rideau Canal Dedication ceremony represent a real marker for Irish Canadians because they include the first “official” recognition of the Irish Workers and their co-workers who helped build the Rideau Canal during 1826-32.

Last year the Ireland Canada Monument Society wrote to the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada to request that recognition be given the Irish workers who worked and died on the Canal project.

Brendan Flynn



  1. We are looking for any information, sketches and/or paintings of the “soup-kitchen” aspect of the Irish famine.

    • Check out Google Images for images on many subjects

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