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History has been made – preserve the knowledge of it

Below is a letter from Jim Gallagher related to a collection of written materials that he donated to Quinnipiac University. I post this as a nod to a suggestion to anyone who may have papers and documents related to the history of Ireland and that includes recent history over the last 20 or 30 years.  There are many people who, in connection with their membership of Irish American political and cultural groups, etc., have collected a valuable volume of information. In these papers lies history that needs to be preserved and could be in danger of being discarded. Think what you may have and consider donating your collection of historical information to a local university or museum. Of course, ensure first that this important history will be made available to others with an interest – hopefully the public at large.  What is particularly important is history relating to Irish American, Irish Canadian, Irish Australian, and Irish everywhere, involvement in the quest for peace and freedom in Ireland. Also, anything connected with the Great Hunger in Ireland.

Thanks Jim, for starting the ball rolling.

Also, a big thank you to George Trainor who converted video from the first 10 years of the IAUC to DVD.  These discs are available from the IAUC for a small donation and it is an approach that can put history in the hands of many.

From: Jim Gallagher
These are the archives, from my stint  as National Chair of the AOH  150th anniversary of the Commemoration of the Irish Hunger.  I gave them (about 5 boxes) to Quinnipiac, who subsequently transferred them to the CT Irish American Historical Society  (CTIAHS), in New Haven, CT.  Thankfully, the CTIAHS had someone sort and index the material.  That index is attached.
Of course some info is outdated but there is still quite a bit of useful material  in place (contacts, history, activities, etc.).  I’m sending a copy of the Index to Grace Brady, Exec. Director of the Irish Hunger Museum, as she expressed an interest in the Sliding Coffin Cross Exhibit and she said that there are people in Quinnipiac who are doing resaearch on Grosse Ile.  I have to visit the museum  again to see what else they may be interested in or doing. Also, as soon as construction around the CTIAHS building is completed, I plan to visit them, review the material that I gave them and see what else related to the Hunger that they may have.
Jim Gallagher


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