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Famine group looks to set record straight

Famine group looks to set record straight

From: The Echo –

Campaigner Michael Blanch fears ‘history being rewritten’ by media

By Anne Sharkey

CONCERNS that history is being re-written have sparked a drive to set the record straight. Chairperson for the committee for the commemoration of the Irish Famine Victims, Michael Blanch from Tallaght is seeking clarification that famine memorials began in 2008.

“The print media, radio, TV, social networks internet were absent from the 2008 National Famine Memorial Day ceremony because the media choose to be absent from this historical event in Irish history.”

“History is being challenged and attempts to change it by the National Broadcaster RTE five years on and after six home four overseas National Famine Memorial twinning events. RTE are duty bound and obliged to report accurately
on events of National importance and not distort history or the facts. This inaccuracy needs to be corrected fast
before it goes into the history books.”

Michael and his family hold memorials annually dressing in clothes that would have been worn during the famine.

Having approached the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI), Michael is now awaiting further action to be taken on the matter. A spokesman for the BAI confirmed that the authority is looking into the case.

“A complaint was received on the matter and is being processed at present.”

In the meantime, Michael received a written apology from RTE earlier this week for its inaccuracy regarding the date of the first Famine commemoration.

“It is our intention to clarify the date on the next occasion the Famine is discussed on the programme,” said a spokesperson for RTE.
“I believe such a correction would be more effective in the context of a discussion on the subject of the Famine, rather than as a short stand alone few sentences in the middle of discussion of unrelated topics.”



  1. Michael, It has been a concern of mine for years about the ignorance of the facts of “An Gorta Mor”. Actual historians, people of Irish heritage,etc. The typical remark, “Oh yeh the potatoe crop failed”. And that is as much as they know. One of the greatest tragedies in Irish History and this ignorance is common.

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