Posted by: irishhungercomm | July 27, 2013

Campiagn for An Gorta Mor NMI Recognition

From Michael and Olivia Blanch in Dublin

I spoke to Seamus Lynham on Friday re no record of An Gorta Mor in the NMI, he is gone on Tuesday this week. The new Director will be named then. The CCIFV will make immediate contact with the new Director of the NMI and inform him of his duty and responsibility to the Irish People home and abroad in putting on the record in the NMI in some shape or form the loss of more than half of our People over a short period of time. An Gorta Mor  will not be brushed under the carpet or ignored by the NMI  and must be addressed.

The CCIFV have campaigned since 2008 and informed the two Directors of the NMI, when I was a member of the NFCC I put it on the table with two former Ministers and Chairman of the NFCC. Minister Deenihan is the sitting Chairman of the NFCC all the above named have or had  no will or appetite to address this National scandal.

Their line is there are no Famine artefacts this is a fallacy and a myth, this limp defence will be overcome through campaigning,persistence and support.

Michael and Olivia Blanch


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