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2013 Commemoration Events for Irish Hunger Victims 1845-1851

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2013 Commemoration Events for Irish Hunger Victims 1845-1851

Jim Gallagher, Past National IAUC President and Mick Walshe, South Florida Chapter

People of Irish heritage worldwide are asked to participate in Masses and other memorial services. The international event recognizes the victims of the Hunger, including those who refused to abandon their faith when offered food and those who fled Ireland in order to survive. All Irish organizations should work together to plan and execute activities to honor their family ancestors in their local areas. Educational workshops and materials should be used to inform people about the conscious British government failure and its role in causing potato blight to become a man-made tragedy. Historians have proclaimed the Irish Hunger of 1845-51 as the worst social disaster in 19th Century European history. Food was exported from Ireland where people were starving. Form committees, contact public officials, news media and other Irish-American organizations. There are existing monuments, plaques, memorials honoring the Irish hunger victims where ceremonies could take place. Consult with Churches for Masses in their memory, collect food for the hungry and remember the victims in prayers to the faithful. After waiting for more than 150 years, we finally have an opportunity to honor these victims. We should respect and honor their memory by having overflow crowds at all ceremonies and Masses. This year the Irish Government is having their annual commemoration in Kilrush, County Clare, on Sunday, May 12, 2013. Other memorials are being planned during this year of ―the Gathering‖ in Ireland. The American Committee for the Commemoration of the victims of the Irish Hunger established the third weekend in May (May 18-19, 2013) and we encourage all to join us that weekend and schedule events of their own throughout the course of the year. It is the least we can do considering the depths of their suffering and sacrifices.
The purpose of the Hunger Commemoration Committee:

To encourage all people in the Irish diaspora to honor the victims of the Irish Hunger for their courage and sacrifices under inhuman conditions

To support, organize and assist world-wide appropriate activities in Remembrance of Irish Hunger victims.

To support the Irish Government‘s Commemoration Committee‘s annual commemoration activities.
For more information visit: WWW.IRISHHUNGERCOMM.WORDPRESS.COM or contact: Bill Fahey, President at or Jim Gallagher at Toll free: 888-295-5077


  1. is there money to be made in all this, and if so where is it going. i would like to see irish charities benefit.

  2. ireland at the moment faces more poverty due to bad management of goverments over borrowing, Rather than raise hatreds of the past which you are fostering it would be advisable to address this. My name is mccarthy and i can trace my direct ancestry . Ioday is more important than yesterday, raising the past will not help the future , learn by this. PROGRESS

  3. to finish i am writing a book. all proceeds will go to irish charities

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