Posted by: irishhungercomm | April 7, 2013

Great Hunger Commemoration in Boston

Dick Mac Donald reports from Boston.

There will be a Great Hunger Commemoration at the Famine Memorial on School Street in Boston – Sunday May 12th. This event has been well attended for several years.

There will be more events in Massachusetts and details will be published as they arrive.

All information will be welcomed – it can get to us by posting a comment to this article so if you have details please share them in this way.

In particular let us know about the Brig St. John service that will be held in Cohasset, MA and the Deer Island service for the new monuments to be dedicated.



  1. The Brig St. John Commemoration is usually held on the Sunday closest to October 7, starting with a Mass at St. Anthony’s Parish in the early afternoon, then a reception and lecture and then the laying of a wreath
    at the Celtic Cross erected in memory of the St. John victims at Cohasset
    Central Cemetery. The Plymouth Division of the AOH usually makes all the arrangements for this commemoration. Attorney John Sullivan of Scituate
    will have full information closer to the event.

  2. A commemorative Famine Walk will be held in Tracton, County Cork on 22 June 2013 on the anniversary of the day in 1850 when 124 desperate people, men, women and children left their homes in Tracton and trekked to the dreaded workhouse in Kinsale. The 8 mile route will be walked on 22 June 2013 and each participant will represent a named victim of the 1850 Famine walk. Call Lisa at +353 86 0711910 or e mail; for further information- all are heartily welcome to come along!

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