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The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter

The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter

Nuachlitir Shéadchomhartha na hÉireann agus Cheanada
In Recognition of the Contribution of Irish Canadians to Canada.
Ní bheidh ár leithéidí arís ann! There will never be the likes of us again
Monumental News –February 6th
2013. Issue #77.
General Agreement reached on the historic Ireland Canada Monument in Vancouver. Brendan Flynn, Executive Director of the Ireland Canada Monument Society has announced that following a meeting with Vancouver Parks Board officials at the Parks Board in Stanley Park Vancouver on February 1st 2013 that there is now general agreement between Vancouver Parks Board staff and the Ireland Canada Monument Society on the historic Ireland Canada Monument proposed for Thornton Park Vancouver.

To comply with City of Vancouver Public Arts Committee Recommendations made at City Hall Vancouver on December 10th 2012 and available at the City of Vancouver website at public-art-committee.aspx (Refer to “Meetings” tag.) general agreement has been reached on the following items:

An equal number of male and female names will be included on the Monument and Irish Canadian Associations or Societies to be included will be considered as neutral.

The height of the Central column is to be limited to 6’-0” (1800 mm) with the central column area to be redesigned to include artwork reflecting the contributions of Irish Canadians to Canada.

It is intended that the latest design will feature all granite elements throughout replacing the previous all concrete element design with granite inlay panels for names and artwork.

As per Parks Board request, the Society will issue an agreement document to be completed by those to be named on the Monument or their representatives and which will provide permission to allow the inclusion of each name.

Similarly, it has been agreed with Parks Board staff that the Society will contact First Nations representatives to request a letter of agreement for specific artwork to be included on the Monument.

The final names list to be included on the Monument is expected to total 182 and all names will be located on the Nation Builder Panels located to either side of the central column area.

For Vancouver Parks Board, both the names of living and deceased can be included with names arranged in two columns on the Nation Builder Panels throughout.

Donor recognition will be available to individual and family donors to recognize those that contribute to the building of the Monument.

Corporate Sponsors panels will also be available and the Society soon hopes to begin to contact prospective Sponsors. Details of Sponsor opportunities to follow in an upcoming Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter.

The Society is also looking for prospective sponsors to cover the costs of new seating. Details to follow.

Night time illumination of Monument is under consideration by the Monument Society.

Government of Ireland -Emigrant Services Program–-Department of Foreign Affairs Dublin.
Grant Application.

In January 2013, the Society was invited via the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa to apply for Grant Funding under the Government of Ireland Emigrant Services program. The Society is currently in the process of completing the online application by the February 22nd deadline and we convey our thanks to the Embassy of Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin for their assistance to date.

The North of Ireland Executive Government
The Society will cordially invite the North of Ireland Executive government to be part of the project.

The Provinces of Canada
The Society will cordially invite each of the Provinces of Canada to be part of the Monument project.

Message from the Executive Director
Dear Friends of the Ireland Canada Monument project throughout Canada, Ireland and the USA. Following last week’s meeting between Vancouver Parks Board officials and the Ireland Canada Monument Society, general agreement on the design of the Ireland Canada Monument has been reached.

The Monument Society will now begin the task to raise the balance of funds to complete the historic Monument at Thornton Park, Vancouver. All monies raised will go directly to the construction phase of the project. Over 90% of the funds donated to date are on hold in the project account, the balance having been used to cover expenses such as printing and fees to date.

Irish Canadians have a wonderful opportunity to complete the Monument and leave a permanent marker to recognize the contribution of Irish Canadians and Canadians of Irish descent to the Nation of Canada and the City of Vancouver.

It is a contribution deserving of recognition and it is the sincere hope of the Ireland Canada Monument Society that the Irish in Canada and indeed friends and family back in Ireland will come together to ensure the Monument is completed.

The Monument will represent all of the Irish in Canada. It will be for all of us to visit and to enjoy in the years to come. The names chosen for inclusion are representative of many Irish Canadians who have made Canada a home away from home in all 32 Counties of Ireland.

Each name has been chosen, not because of the colour of their skin or hair, not because of their fame or lack of it, not because of a County of origin in Ireland, not because of a Province of residence or a City in Canada, not because of their political choice because in Canada each of us is free to make a political choice, not because of their faith or lack of faith because in Canada each of us is free to make that choice.

In simple terms, each name has been chosen on that person’s contribution to their fellow Canadians, on their commitment to do something good to build a better community locally or globally within Canada.

The Society is very grateful to The Board of Parks and Recreation and to the City of Vancouver for their generous donation of the site for the Monument at Thornton Park Vancouver, a site that has much historic connections for the Irish who contributed to the building of Vancouver and Canada.

The Society would like to convey our sincere thanks to Ms Jil Weaving and Mr. Steve Wong of the Vancouver Parks Board staff for their patience and assistance to the Monument project to date.

We also convey our sincere thanks to the Commissioners and Board of Parks and Recreation and the City of Vancouver Review Arts Committee in particular Mr. Bryan Newson.

We are truly grateful to all on reaching this milestone in the project’s development. As Executive Director of the Ireland Canada Monument Society, I cordially extend a hand of friendship to all Irish Associations in Canada from St John’s Newfoundland to Victoria British Columbia to be a part of this project, including all the Associations in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.

In coming together we can tell the Irish Story to our fellow Canadians and indeed to the World.

When the day for the Monument to be unveiled arrives all will be invited. There can be a party like no other party.

A big Thank You goes to my fellow Directors, Mr. Eddie Reynolds in Dublin and Ms. Margaret Phelan in Abbeyleix neither whom have set foot in Canada and Mr. Conor O’Reilly here in Vancouver. You have done so much to bring this project to its current status.

Brendan Flynn
Executive Director, The Ireland Canada Monument Society
(604) 873-3167

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