Posted by: irishhungercomm | February 15, 2013

Gettysburg and The Great Hunger

Sent: 10/14/2012
Subj: Editorial on Gettysburg

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your editorial concerning remembrance of our heroes who sacrificed so much at Gettysburg and in Ireland during The Great Hunger.

Our family ancestors, who were the victims, are buried in unmarked, unconsecrated graves all over Ireland. These graves should be dedicated, consecrated and have memorials at the sites with a history of the Hunger in that area.

The victims were offered food if they gave up their Catholic Faith. They refused the bribe and died of starvation and related diseases. They deserve recognition for their devotion to their Faith and their graves should be considered Hallowed Ground.

Some groups are making an effort to locate and clean up these unmarked graves now.

When people come to Ireland for The Gathering in 2013, it would be important for them to be able to visit the graves of their family ancestors and have places to go to find out the truth concerning the Hunger.

Bill Fahey

American Commemoration Comm. for the Victims of the Great Hunger, 1845-51.

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