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The Irish Famine Tribunal

The Irish Famine Tribunal

Owen Rodgers, Chair
917 379 0955

Press Statement

A Groundbreaking Tribunal to Examine the Irish Famine

A Famine Tribunal will be held at Fordham Law School, New York City, on October 20 2012.

The Tribunal will assess the Great Irish Famine within a legal framework. Even to this day, the Irish Famine (also known as the Great Hunger) remains one of the most lethal famines in modern history in terms of deaths and dislocation of population.

The object of the Tribunal is to assess the impact of the Irish Famine on the Irish population, and to examine its political, economic, cultural and physiological legacies, all within a legal framework.

The Tribunal will also investigate the various steps taken to counteract its severity by the responsible institutions of government, not least the parliament at Westminster in London, which at that time governed both Britain and Ireland. Account will be taken of the number ofdeaths occurring in Ireland between 1845 and 1852 arising from starvation, malnutrition, famine‐related diseases and exposure.

To this end, the Tribunal will bring together ‐ from Ireland, Britain and the United States ‐ expert witnesses and lawyers. It will also offer students and teachers in related academic fields the opportunity to explore this tragedy from a unique and ground‐breaking perspective.

A second day of activities will be devoted to educational issues, including a study of famine in today’s world.

For further information

Visit the website at:

And follow us on Twitter: @faminetribunal

c/o O’Dwyer & Bernstein, Paul O’Dwyer Way, 52 Duane Street, New York, NY 10007 ‐

August 2012:

The Irish Famine Tribunal is still in the development stage and we are in the midst of organizing the committee, etc.  Presently, we have a number of patrons including Foinnula Flanagan, actress; Robert Ballagh,  Irish artist;  Brain Friel, playwright;  Stephen Rea, actor;  Professor Declan Kiberd;  Dr. Ruan O’ Donnell; Dr.  Garrett O’Connor, President, Betty Ford Clinic LA; Brian O Dwyer, lawyer;  Peter Quinn, writer;   Frank Mc Manus, former MP; Fr. Sean Mc Manus; Tom Murphy, Irish playwright; and Chris Byrne, singer; Michael Patrick MacDonald, writer; Terry George, director;  Peter Hamill, writer; Malachy Mc Court actor/writer; Fr Michael Lapsley, South Africa;  Mary Kineally, Australia;  Patricia Harty, Co-Founder Irish America Magazine , New York;  John Ridge, Historian, NY;  Liam Murphy,  Former Editor National Hibernian Digest;  Mairtin O’ Muilleoir, Publisher Irish Echo;  Brendan Moore, National President AOH;  Dr Michael Quigley, Historian, Canada;  Brian O’ Keefe, President Brehon Law, Nassau Co, NY;  Larry Kirwan, leader Black 47;  Bernie Brophy, Brehon Law Society, Australia.



  1. Hi all

    Can you please support our latest project, a feature film on the Great Hunger/Famine

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