Posted by: irishhungercomm | August 2, 2012

An Gorta Mór – Irish Famine Victims & Emigrants – Gravesites Clean Up Appeal

Here is an email which we have forwarded to Minister Ring today – for your information.   
Michael Blanch – C.C.I.F.V

Subject: An Gorta Mór – Irish Famine Victims & Emigrants

Dear Minister Ring,
Asking our brothers and sisters to come back home in 2013 can you give the C.C.I.F.V information re genealogy, is there a 32 County website that people overseas can use.   We have had requests from the USA for this information to prepare for their visit to the Gathering.

As you know Minister most roads lead back to the Famine.

Are there plans for the cleaning of the Famine gravesites most would be near or close by to workhouses, it is a project that could be overseen by your Department and could include the OPW, Councils and local communities on the Island.

We cannot be asking people to come to derelict Famine gravesites overgrown with briers and nettles, and cannot visit or see the final resting place of their loved ones

Is mise le meas.

Michael Blanch



  1. Very well done Michael. Most of the Famine Graveyards are so overgrown and derlich it is a shame to see them in this state.We opened up one at the back of Loughlinstown Hospital which was the Rathdown Union Workhouse about 20 years ago. I looked after it for about 10 years, after which I was unable to do so, the HSE took over and have done it ever since. So it can be done it just needs to be pushed.

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