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Irish president Michael D Higgins asks for Irish American support for Ireland

Irish president Michael D Higgins asks for Irish American support for Ireland

Says Irish people feel “righteous anger” over what has occurred there



IrishCentral Staff Writer
Published Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 7:09 AM
Updated Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 9:39 AM
President of Ireland Michael D Higgins with his wife Sabina

President of Ireland Michael D Higgins with his wife Sabina
Photo by Google Images

New Irish president Michael D Higgins met with 300 Irish community leaders in New York last night and asked them to help “make an Irishness of which we can be proud”.

He told the audience that “Irish people are hurting from the recession” and are “dismayed that the transient, artificially-based, property-based economic bubble…has turned into ashes”.

Higgins was elected to the seven-year term in October and this is his first visit to the US as President.

Higgins was guest of honor at a reception which, because of the numbers, was held on the ground floor of the building that houses the Irish Consulate in New York.

Hundreds stood in line waiting to meet the new Irish president who is on a six-day visit to New York and Boston.

Higgins also spoke of the “righteous anger” that Irish people feel “that various institutions and individuals betrayed the trust placed in them”.

He stated that Ireland had gone through  “a period of deep distress…economic uncertainty and the scourge of high levels of unemployment”.

He stated that despite that Ireland was in a recovery mode from the recession and he stated that there was “encouraging news” about the country.

The president has 25 events lined up over the time of his trip. On Tuesday night he will speak at the American Irish Historical Society, in New York, while earlier meeting with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

He will attend a Broadway showing of the Irish musical “Once” on Wednesday night and the American Ireland Fund dinner on Thursday night, which will also feature Brian Moynihan, the CEO of Bank of America.

In Boston he will speak at the Famine commemoration event there as well as at the Self Help Africa ball.



  1. Dear Mr. President of Ireland Michael D Higgins,

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    In Ireland the Great Famine was between 1845 – 1852 and it is a painfully sad story that most of the world knows about but 95% of these people do not know about a tiny chapter of that history. In 1847 the Ottoman Empire heard of this disaster and offered Queen Victoria £10,000 to help the people of Ireland, Queen Victoria refused the offer of £10,000 but said Turkey could donate £1000 as she had given £2000 herself. The Ottoman Empire did send the £1000 but in secret also sent over 5 ships of food to help the struggling country.

    I am keen to state that the focus of the film is not on the Irish-English divide but on the unlikely union between Turkey and Ireland, two countries separated by 4,000 miles. The characters may be fictional but the film is based on the true story of Turkey lending a charitable hand to Ireland during their hour of need.

    This generous charity from Muslim Turks to a Christian nation was important; We hope that the Turkish-Irish friendship sets a model peace for today’s different nations.

    This is a project of two Nations, separated by thousands of miles yet joined together by an act of compassion. On one side a country suffering the most tragic events in its history. On the other an Empire, while experiencing internal difficulties, is still determined to reach out a charitable hand. A period in history that was to bring two cultures and people together.

    It is estimated that approximately 95% of both nationalities are completely unaware of these events in history.
    With a population of about 6 million people in Ireland and an estimated 60 million Irish worldwide, together with Turkeys population makes a total of approximately 140 million people. People that will be touched and joined together, emotionally as a result of this film.

    This film has the opportunity to present a true perspective of Ottoman history to the generations of the world.

    I am sure that many Americans will also touched by this film as many of the Irish population fled to America during this time in order to stay alive and keep their families and generations able to grow. 22 of the American Presidents have Irish roots including Mr Bill Cinton and I am sure they all were / are very proud of their Irish descendants.

    The People of Drogheda, Ireland have recently acknowledged Turkey’s help during their time of need and a plaque has been unveiled to thank the people of Turkey.

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    TV interview

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