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Update from Michael Blanch

Update from Michael Blanch

An update on a few things:

RTE news on Sunday covered a Commemoration honouring Thomas Francis Maher, the Governor of Montana and Minister Deenihan were there.  The Government have plans for a  link with Ireland and the American Civil War.

Nationwide on Monday did a program on both Churches in Limerick ringing their bells over the years.  When we are there on the 22nd the CCIFV will ask them to ring the bells on the 13th May for the martyrs victims.  I will ask as many Churches in Dublin to be part of the N F M D Commemoration by ringing their bells.

We were in Arbour Hill Prison last week, inside the main door is a bell made in 1845 – I Will ask them to ring it on the 13th, the visit was in connection with the bonnets they are making for the Christina Henri’s project Mary Walsh.

Hope all is going well on your team for Boston. Below is email sent to Ministers Deenihan and Ring on the 12th March 2012

Kindest regards.

Michael Blanch.

E-mail sent on the 12th March 2012

Dear Minister Deenihan & Minister Ring.

The RTE news report on the coverage of the Thomas Francis Maher Commemoration omitted the fact of the 1848 Rebellion in the height of the Famine.

Most roads and historical events from the Famine right up to our Independence will have a direct link back to the Famine. The IRB was born 1859 in the U S A came from the Famine. The IRB and the Irish Citizen Army were the  only two organizations to take part in the 1916 rising.   No Famine maybe, we can only speculate no Rising no War of Independence no Civil War no Independence?

I note plans are in place to promote the American Civil War and the important link Ireland and the Irish people played in it.The link and closeness of the two events must be told.

As the song Paddys Lamantions says, They shoved a gun into our hands and said Paddy you must go and fight for Lincoln.

Is mise le meas,

Michael Blanch.


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