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Ireland XO Reaching Out

Ireland XO Reaching Out

Vol 1 Issue 9 | March 2012

Welcome to the latest IRO newsletter!

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Yesterday, March 14th was a momentous day for Ireland Reaching Out as we became a national project, launched by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD.
We were honoured that An Taoiseach took time out of his very busy schedule to launch the project – his last public engagement before flying to the United States for the traditional meeting with the US President for St Patrick’s Day. We are delighted that the message of Ireland XO will be brought by Mr Kenny and all the other Irish ministers to all corners of the world this weekend.
Representatives and volunteers from all over the country (and indeed even one from as far away as Australia – HELLO Steve!) packed into the Seminar Room of the National Library of Ireland to hear thoughts such as the following:

* “There are few human instincts stronger than the need to belong and it is not surprising that for many people, tracing their genealogy becomes a personal and emotional journey. The Ireland Reaching Out initiative is all about enabling and helping people to make that journey” – An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD
* “It’s such a simple and different idea. Instead of people spending time at night researching and finding their roots — their roots find them.” – David McWilliams, author, broadcaster, economist
* “A project like this does not happen overnight; it takes time and effort; much of that effort comes from YOU! – our parish volunteers, our people abroad spreading the word, our funders and partners. Thank you all so much for all you have done so far.” – Mike Feerick, Chairperson Ireland Reaching Out.

Of course, a day like this does not go unnoticed. Representatives from all the major national media arrived – RTE, TV3, Irish Times, Irish Independent, and many more. If the enquiries coming in to the office today are anything to go by, Ireland XO will be the next big headline! Here is a snippet of some of the coverage so far:

* Ireland Reaching Out is “a rather ingenious scheme” according to the Irish Independent. More here.
* The Irish Times reminded readers that “2,500 parishes have become members of the [Ireland XO] project”. More here.

Naturally, we documented the day ourselves as well.

* Here’s a gallery of images on Click here.
* Here’s a gallery of images on our Facebook page. Click here.

It was truly an inspiring day for us all in Dublin to be part of a project with so much potential and which has been endorsed by so many people at the very highest levels of politics, business, and community.

Best regards
Mark Conroy
Ireland XO Web Manager


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