Posted by: irishhungercomm | March 12, 2012

Did the Irish Famine Constitute Genocide?

Did the Irish Famine Constitute Genocide – Dr Francis Boyle
United Ireland, Human Rights and International Law Dr Francis A. Boyle Professor of International Law, University of Illinois

A book, by Dr. Francis Boyle addresses some of the most important aspects historic campaigns.

But most significantly, Boyle makes the legal case for viewing the horrific Irish “Potato Famine”—the Irish Hecatomb—as a result, not of laissez-faire economic policy, but of intentional British genocide.

This is the definitive book on all legal/political/human rights aspects of the Irish conflict, including Britain’s international legal obligation to decolonize Northern Ireland and going forward, a legal and human rights framework for establishing a United Ireland where all Irish can live in peace with justice for all irrespective of their differences.

United Ireland, Human Rights, and International Law is required reading for Irish Americans, people living in Ireland, and the Irish Diaspora around the world.

Available directly from Clarity Press,,

or distributors in the USA, UK/Europe/ Middle East,

Malaysia/Singapore, World

Clarity Press, Inc.

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