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Choctaw leader speaks of unique famine bond

Just found this.

By Joe Cahill, on May 14th, 2009

Irish Examiner

A Choctaw Tribal leader recalled last night how his ancesters’  charity towards Irish Famine victims in 1847 helped forge a unique bond between nations. Internationally renowned painter, tribal chanter and dance leader, Gary White Deer, was speaking in west Cork as preparations continued for this weekends inaugural provincial National Famine Commemoration. The Choctaw tribe donated what was the equivalent of more than €68,500 today to ease the suffering of the victims of the Irish famine after hearing that the Irish had been through a similar experience to their own people of forced emigration and famine. Gary, who has visited Ireland over a dozen times, spoke to local schoolchildren during a visit to the Skibbereen Heritage Centre and also visited the mass Famine graveyard outside the town where an estimated 10,000 are buried.




  1. The full story of the Irish connection with the Choctow is never entirely printed. First, the contribution was greatly appreciated. The donation was acknowledge and a large sum of money was paid to the Choctow by the Irish. Re: Somalia Relief
    I would like to have acknowledged the donation to hunger relief sent to Ireland by the poor workers on the town of Lowell, Massachusetts. At that time the mill workers were earning $1 a day…..The donation sent was $2000.
    This is one example of giving that came along with money from the Catholic Church in Boston. Mary Lou McKeone

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