Posted by: irishhungercomm | October 22, 2011

Ireland Canada Monument

ICM Revised

To all those proposed for the Ireland Canada Monument, Esteemed Patrons, Committee members and Select others.

Please find the Donald Duncan’s latest design featuring a central column with the Brian Boru Harp flanked on either side with two separate art piers with background piers (Total 4) to give dept to the total design.

Don is proposing that all Art panels and piers will contain artwork to recognise the Irish contribution to Canada and has also noted that the 100 names be located on the white arc in the foreground of the Monument.

I have suggested that the all elements be raised approximately 6″ to allow the name band to be sloped at an angle for easier viewing. Don has welcomed the idea and says he can make that change before submission to the Vancouver Parks Board.

He has also encouraged the committee to consider other art pieces in addition to Hurling / Ice Hockey and Irish Music and Irish Dancing which could be located on the front panels to highlight Irish contributions including in no particular order:

The Rideau Canal, The Maple Leaf Flag, The Canada Arm, Conferation, Medicine, Education, Engineering, Transportation, Parliamentarians, Sporting Achievements, Olympic Successes, Military leaders, Religious persons, etc, etc. who have helped shape a better Canada.

The artwork component will be dealt with once the scheme is approved by the Vancouver Parks Board.

Mr. Duncan also noted that he now understands that there would be requirement to have the design submitted to the City of  Vancouver Review Arts Committee as the Parks Board will handle all matters.

For everyone’s info, over 50% of those to be named and/or their contacts are receiving the email together with all patrons. We are still in the process of obtaining permission from 40 names approx.

Therefore the committee requests that all those in favour are deemed to be those who do not respond to this email or respond with “In favour”.

Those who do not support the design are kindly asked to do a “reply all” to the committee members with “Not in Favour”.

Suggestions and comments are very welcomed and encouraged and will be treated as confidential.

I kindly ask that all responses be submitted by Wednesday Sept 21st at midnight PST.


Brendan Flynn


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