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Workhouse in Dromore West, Sligo

Dromore West Workhouse

There is a workhouse in Dromore West in west Sligo which is well preserved but is privately owned and not open to the public. But if you enquire locally and have connections with the area you may be able to visit it. You can certainly see it externally and it is a fine example.

The others I know of are Portumna, Co. Galway and Donoughmore, Co. Laois.

Kathleen O’Sullivan



  1. hi my great,great grandperents come from drumore co sligo .Ifound them on the 1841 cencus in the uk .there names were robert best and margaret fenly they were liveing in west derby lancshire looking for anly of there family from sligo.

    • Hi,
      I could help you trace some ancestors/relations from there is you want – I am based near there and have excellent local knowledge. Please email me the full names and ages from the 1841 UK census and I will see what I can do.
      If you had a townland name or parents or siblings names it might help also. Happy to help if I can

  2. My mother was born in Dromore West and I still have family living there. I would love to learn more about my grandparents, James and Mary Mc Hugh

  3. Hi
    My GG Grandmoth Rosy Rourke (or O’Rourke) was one of the Irish Famine Orphans who travelled to Australia on the Lady Kennaway in 1848 aged 16. She had been a Housemaid prior to leaving her native place of County Sligo, Ireland; she was Roman Catholic and could neither read nor write. Both her parents were still alive.
    If anyone is in a position to help me I would love to learn anything at all about her family in Ireland; especially who her parents were.
    Thank you

  4. Sandra research and read the Penal Laws that were in operation in Ireland for almost l00 years prior to the Great Hunger which reduced the native Irish population to poverty and a diet of potatoes only the Irish are scattered all over the world as a consequence of colonel rule, and we are still divided.

    • Marie, Are you the same woman in FL who sent the banner when Bernadette McAliskey was to speak FL west coast in 90’s? If so, pls. get in touch. Eilis

  5. Be in touch

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