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Rochester, NY Commemoration

Rochester, NY Irish American Cultural Institute

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We are hosting a facebook page for our Chapter and will solicit poetry about the famine as part of our tribute for this 2011 year.  We are planning to co-host with our AOH for the 2012 commemoration.



  1. Elizabeth Hosta & Irish Hunger Committee,

    Our group strives to spread the truth and disseminating information around the world to educate on the correct history of the Irish Holocaust. Communicating with the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) organizations across America will be a great benefit to this effort.

    Ireland never had a ‘famine’ that caused the deaths of over a million of our ancestors. The deaths of the Irish was do to the systematic food removal by the British under armed guard. To call the events of the nineteenth century a ‘famine’ is to minimalize the truth of the suffering, death and loss of our ancestors and Ireland.
    Irish Holocaust is a more correct term for the events. From the Greek word for tribe (or race), genos, and the Latin term -cide, the word genocide refers to extermination of the peoples of a nation (or religious group) carried out by an organization, usually government. Such is the case when discussing British treatment of Ireland during the potato blight; treatment which was based in the history of Ireland.

    Ireland did not go ‘hungry’ for lack of the potato. What happened to our Ireland was a genocide, a holocaust.

    Our Facebook site is full of information. I am sure one of our dedicated Administrators has information you can use at your 2012 Commemoration. Please consider using the correct nomenclature for any events concerning the ‘famine’. Our ancestors are to be respected and deserve to have their truth told. Be their voice from the past.

    Please join our site and spread the truth for Ireland.
    Irish Holocaust – Push to Educate the Facts –

    Mary Lou McKeone
    Co-owner of Facebook site:
    Irish Holocaust – Push to Educate the Facts

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