Posted by: irishhungercomm | May 19, 2011

Liverpool Great Hunger Event

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Sunday, May 15 · 10:00am – 11:30am
Location: St. Anthony’s Scotland Road L5 5BD
Created By: Martin Mac Thoirdealbhaigh

This is a day to remember and honour the Victims and Emigrants of An Gorta Mor, ‘The Irish Famine’

From 1847 to 1850 1.7 million passed through the gates of the Clarence Docks a short distance from St. Anthony’s seeking a new life away from poverty, political and cultural oppression.

While many went on to a new life in the New World there were others who were not so lucky.

Join us on Sunday the 15th May to remember the victims and the emigrants and by remembering them to also seek a way so that what led to An Gorta Mór will not be allowed happen again.

Martin Mac Thoirdealbhaigh
St Anthony’s was great: Fr Graeme Dunne was fantastic and the short service afterwards in the crypt had a nice turnout considering that it was not publicised – Next year will be bigger but the important thing is that people long forgotten perhaps, in pauper graves for the most part, were remembered in our prayers. Ta to Julie Scott, Anthony Cave, Mandy Atkins, Jack Atkins for being there and for all those who were there in spirit Pictures to follow.


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