Posted by: irishhungercomm | May 19, 2011

Great Hunger Commemoration in Perth, Australia

It is great that the Irish Diaspora around the world are paying tribute to our ancestors who suffered so much. This is from Fred Rea in Australia

Great Hunger Commemoration in Perth, Australia

The commemoration in Perth Western Australia will be on Sunday 29th May. It will take the form of reading and songs followed by a short documentary on the Famine. It is being organised by the local Australian-Irish Heritage Association.


Fred Rea

Wherever you are in the world please let us know details of your events.  It’s as easy as leaving a comment below this posting.



  1. We are hosting a facebook page for our Chapter and will solicit poetry about the famine as part of our tribute for this 2011 year. We are planning to cohost with our AOH for the 2012 commemoration.

  2. Hello Fred,
    I just watched a documentary on the Irish in Australia on RTE .I think we went to Blarney Street CBS together .Are you the same person .Shandon Street etc, happy memories .I am semi retired now , family all grown and all here in Cork area .Regards and best wishes , John O’ Flynn

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