Posted by: irishhungercomm | April 22, 2011

Letter to President Obama

From Brendan Flynn, The Ireland Canada Monument, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. and  Mary Lou McKeone, The Ireland Canada Monument, The Ireland USA Monument

Letter to President Obama

Attention: President Barack Obama,
The White House, Washington D.C.

Dear President Obama,

We, the representatives of the Ireland Canada Monument and the Ireland US Monument Committees are writing to bring to your attention the observance of the Irish Hunger Victims Commemoration Day.

The day of commemoration is May 22, 2011 which coincides with your visit to Ireland.

The Irish Hunger Memorial is located in Dublin near the Customs House.

We are hoping the inclusion of the visit to the Irish Hunger Victims Monument can bring acknowledgement of the suffering and survival in honoring the ancestors of the Irish and the over 80 million people through out the world who claim Ireland as part of their heritage and 41 million Americans who claim ‘Irish’ as their heritage.

Enjoy your visit to the ‘Land of a Thousand Welcomes’

Best Regards,
Brendan Flynn, Executive Director,
The Ireland Canada Monument. Vancouver. B.C. Canada.

Mary Lou McKeone, Director
The Ireland Canada Monument, The Ireland USA Monument


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