Posted by: irishhungercomm | April 18, 2011

Ireland Canada Monument

If any group is thinking of putting up a monument to the Hunger Victims, they could contact Brendan Flynn for advice on the best way of handling the process.

Bill Fahey

From: Brendan Flynn <>
Subject: Vancouver Parks Board

To those named or proposed for the Ireland Canada Monument, Esteemed Patrons and select others,

Hello Everyone,
The latest design for the Ireland Canada Monument was sent earlier this week to the Vancouver Parks Board for consideration. A meeting with Parks Board officials is now scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 29th March 2011 at the Parks Board offices in Stanley Park Vancouver. The meeting will include a technical review of the design (See latest Newsletter). Members of the Ireland Canada Monument Society will attend also.

We understand from NORR Landscape Architects that the new design has been well received at the Parks Board offices. All staff required to review the design may not have seen the new drawings however.

It appears two outcomes are possible from the meeting.

If the design is generally acceptable to Parks Board staff, we understand that staff will request that the design be made available to for public review at a local community Centre in the City. This would probably take place at Riley Park Community Centre in Vancouver. (We believe Riley was an Irish Canadian.) Residents and Business in a two block radius of Thornton Park would also be notified by the Parks Board of the Monument proposal. The Society would then reopen its fundraising program to secure the remaining funds for the project. Details to follow.

If Parks Board recommends revisions, NORR Landscape Architects would make the revisions and resubmit drawings for review at a new meeting.

We do believe that the new design will provide a real and positive contribution to the park layout and we expect minimum objections from the local public.

A final review by City of Vancouver Review Arts Committee would probably take place within a month of the design complying with the Parks Board Technical Review.

Once the review by the Arts Committee is acceptable, the Monument Society would then apply for a building permit and construction could begin soon after.

We believe the construction process would take no more than 60 days approximately.

For those named on the Monument, the new design includes 8 bronze plaques with 10 names of individuals on each. Groups and organisations names will be mounted on a separate plaque.

We hope to have more details available in the next Newsletter to be issued after the meeting next Tuesday.

Regards to All
Brendan Flynn. Executive Director Ireland Canada Monument project.
(604) 873-3167


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