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Ireland Canada Monument

From Brendan Flynn – March 5, 2011

Meeting with Vancouver Parks Board

To All those named on the Ireland Canada Monument, our patrons and select others.
On Friday morning (March 4th 2010), Al McCabe of the Monument Committee and myself attended a meeting with Ms. Jil Weaving and Mr. Steve Wong of the Vancouver Parks Board and Mr. Donald Donaldson of NORR Inc. Landscape Architects at the Vancouver Parks Board offices in Stanley Park. Vancouver.

The meeting was very productive and Al and I believe it has been our best meeting to date with the Vancouver Parks Board officials.

Mr. Donaldson, did most of the talking in fact and he had various questions to both Ms. Weaving and Mr. Wong. regarding issues that the Parks Board might be concerned with at Thornton Park. He also made various suggestions for ideas for the Monument which were well received.

The focus remains to make a submission to the City of Vancouver Public Arts Review Committee on March 14th. 2011.

I expect Mr. Donaldson will have sketches for us to review very soon and if we are ok with it he will recommend we submit them on March 14th. 2010.

Since our first meeting with Mr. Donaldson on site on Thursday 3rd March and the meeting at Stanley Park the Monument design will consist of:

The Brian Boru Harp may be mounted on a Narrow Column and could be viewed from all the surrounding streets around the park.

The three pieces of artwork, the Map of Ireland, the Birth of Ice Hockey and Irish Music and Irish Dancing would be the feature items of the design and it looks like the artwork will be etched on granite supported on concrete.

A low concrete wall jogging across the planter would contain the names of selected names of Irish Canadians.

Mr. Donaldson has suggested that the harp and artwork be illuminated at night.

Small shrubs and plants that require little maintenance together with small patios would make up the remainder of the planter area.

New Park Benches will also feature nearby and donors would be recognised around the circular sidewalk.

Mr. Donaldson was given copies of underground services drawings which he had requested. It was good to see that there are no underground service lines impacting the Planter area.

I will contact a Geotectnical Engineer as a Geotechnical report will be required for the project.

For those who live in Vancouver many will know the park and surrounding areas of False Creek was built on fill material.

The Parks Board require a Community Consultation process with a sign on site, Notification of neighbours for a two block radius etc. and adds in local papers to make everyone aware of the project in the city of Vancouver.

The design may go on display at Mount Pleasant Community Centre in Vancouver during the public review process. (this is to be confirmed)

I expect once we receive the scheme from Mr. Donaldson he will ask for us to get back to him asap with any changes so we can have a final meeting with Jil and Steve before Monday 14th. 2011.

Things are shaping up nicely, especially since St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us.

For those in the Vancouver we hope you can join the committee as we walk in the parade organised by Celtic Fest Vancouver.

Best Regards to All



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