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The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter – Great News

This excerpt from The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter brings fantastic news of progress made in the quest to establish the Ireland Canada Monument.  It is most heartening to read and shows that momentum is with us all in our efforts to gain recognition for the Victims of The Great Irish Hunger

The Ireland Canada Monument Newsletter

Nuachlitir Shéadchomhartha na hÉireann agus Ceanada

In Recognition of the Contribution of Irish Canadians to Canada.

Ní bheidh ár leithéidí arís ann! There will never be the likes of us again

Monumental News –March 1st, 2011 Issue #42

1. A Chairde,
Fuaireamar fógra ó Bhórd na bPáirceanna agus Caithimh Aimsir i Vancouver go bhfuarthas réamhcheadú chun leacht cuimhneacháin Chumann na hÉireann agus gCeanada a lonnú i bPáirc Droignéain i Vancouver, a dhéanfaidh cuimhnhe ar an méid atá tugtha ag Éireannaigh do Cheanada.

Friends, We have received notification from the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation that preliminary approval for a commemorative to Irish contributions has been received for a site for the Ireland Canada Monument in Thornton Park Vancouver.

2. On February 8th 2011, members of the Ireland Canada Monument Society met with Vancouver Parks Board staff and City of Vancouver Public Art Program staff to review the Ireland Canada Monument project.  During the meeting committee members had an opportunity to view public presentation material for a similar project currently before the Vancouver Parks Board and prepared by a Landscape Architect registered in B.C.  The committee recognizes that design proposals for Thornton Park must also incorporate Parks Board requirements.  On the 17th February 2011, the committee received notification from Vancouver Parks Board indicating that: Preliminary approval for a site for a commemorative to Irish contributions has been received by staff, at the South planter bed and cement area (not including the open lawn area).  Since the meeting, the committee contacted three Landscape Architects in the Vancouver area to provide proposals for a design for the Ireland Canada Monument at Thornton Park.  The committee has since selected NORR Architects Engineers Planers Inc. who have agreed to complete presentation designs in advance of a Review Arts Committee meeting on March 14th 2011 at City Hall Vancouver. Should the presentation be approved it would be possible to complete the building of the Monument in 2011, given that sufficient funding is raised.

Planning and Operations concerns and parameters to the site include:

No vertical elements thicker than tree trunks.

No blockage of the sidewalk which bi-sects the circular area around the planter bed.

Plinth heights should be kept to a maximum of approx. 3’-0″

Plant elements must be low in the Monument area.

Elements of the commemorative need to clearly address the Irish contributions and connections to Vancouver.

Park Board will need to review designs as they are developed by the selected Landscape Architect..

The site offers the possibility for an integrated design that could include benches (Park Board does have standards for benches), pathway treatments, plantings etc.

Community consultation and Public Art Committee reviews and the approval by the Commissioners is still required.

Parks Board has noted that if agreement is made on the site, discussion re community consultation can get underway.

The Society will submit a letter to Parks Board officials to convey our appreciation for the recent developments.  Furthermore, the Society has applied for Grant funding to The Emigrant Services program of the Department of  Foreign Affairs in Dublin on 28th March 2011. A letter included with the application will be circulated to all patrons.  The Society will soon apply for grant funding to the Department of Canadian Heritage in Ottawa.  The fundraising campaign postponed previously will commence soon. Donor recognition at the Monument site will be part of the project. Details will be designed by the Landscape Architect and issued for Parks Board approval.  For those who would like donor recognition at the site we encourage you to contact the committee as places for Donor recognition will be limited. The committee will accept pledges until details are confirmed. Email: or Phone Al McCabe at (604) 942-6413 to pledge.

The project can be completed in 2011 and is dependent on donations from individuals, organizations and businesses throughout Canada and Ireland. We look forward to a positive response at this opportunity before all of us.  We also look forward to hearing from supporters who may have ideas or recommendations to incorporate at the Ireland Canada Monument site.


Supporters of the Ireland Canada Monument should note that ALL previous Monument designs are now superseded.

From this point, the committee will be working with the selected Landscape Architect and Vancouver Parks Board staff to complete a new design that will incorporate the five elements namely The Brian Boru Harp, The Map of Ireland (which will need to be contextualized with a map of Canada as there will be many new arrivals to Vancouver coming from the train and bus terminal who could be confused), Hurling Ice Hockey, the 100 Names, Irish Music and Irish Dancing together with recognition of Irish Canadians who died throughout Canada during 1845-48.

The Site offered by the Vancouver Parks Board is ideal. It is located in a park in the centre of Vancouver which offers very high exposure to the public who use the park and that pass it daily by foot, automobiles and by public transport. The park is also adjacent the CN Rail Station and end of the rail line that transverses Canada from coast to coast.

The streets alongside the park are Main Street and Terminal Avenue. Ever since the founding of Vancouver in 1886, the Main Street Corridor has been a home to the Irish who made Vancouver their home on the West Coast. To the south, the area known as Mount Pleasant was developed by a Dubliner named Henry Valentine Edmunds is a neighbourhood in the city of, stretching from Cambie Street to Clark Drive and from Great Northern Way and 2nd Avenue, to 16th Avenue and Kingsway.

The neighbourhood, once characterized as working-class, has undergone a process of gentrification since the early 1990s, including the area around the Main Street and Broadway intersection that is increasingly becoming known as South Main. Vancouver City Hall, built by former City of Vancouver Mayor Gerry McGeer, of Irish descent is also located in Mount Pleasant.

The Committee conveys our sincere thanks to Ms jil p. weaving, Arts and Culture, Vancouver Parks Board and Mr. Bryan Newson, City of Vancouver Public Art Program for their assistance to the Ireland Canada Monument Committee.

Seans Iontach do na hEireannaigh i gCeanada! A Unique Opportunity for the Irish in Canada.

Dear friends within the Irish Community throughout Canada, Ireland and the United States,
On behalf of my fellow committee members, I would like to convey our sincere thanks to the many individuals, groups and organizations who have contributed to the Ireland Canada Monument since the project was inspired in May 2005 during the visit to Vancouver by Irelands President Mary McAleese..
I would especially like to convey the heartfelt gratitude of the committee to those who have contributed to the project to date and also to the many patrons who have provided support for this historic project. You turned the tide.

Thanks also to every person or organization who has allowed their name be included on the proposed Monument. Individually and collectively your efforts to your fellow Canadians mirror those many Irish who have made Canada, a home away from home. It is by your efforts to make Canada a better place for all that we have chosen your name to be included on the completed Monument. We firmly believe each name will be an example to all Canadians that the Diaspora from Ireland have been and continue to be model citizens throughout Canada.

Thanks to everyone for the trust placed in the efforts and vision of our committees.

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation has offered the project a wonderful site at Thornton Park in the City of  Vancouver and our committee has no doubt that the Ireland Canada Monument will be a special venue for visitors to Vancouver to enjoy especially for those who come to Canada from around the world When complete, the Ireland Canada Monument will promote the Irish Community in Canada for years to come.

We convey our sincere thanks to Parks Board staff for their patience and understanding to date and their offer of a wonderful site for “the Irish” in Canada.

There now remains the task to raise the remaining funds and complete the project that began in 2005 and the committee looks forward to working with the staff of the Vancouver Parks Board, the selected Landscape Architect and all Irish Canadians throughout Canada to complete The Ireland Canada Monument in Vancouver.

Thank You,

Brendan Flynn,
Executive Director of The Ireland Canada Monument project.
(604) 873-3167



  1. EDDIE IN DUBLIN,IRELAND.Monuments to famine on the river Liffey.Everybodys welcome to call me.

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