Posted by: irishhungercomm | March 6, 2011

Seeking Knowledge of History – Workhouses and Mass Graves

This comment was posted in response to an article about Workhouses in and Mass Grave Sites in Ireland. It seems to reflect the experiences of many and deserves a position of more prominence so others may read, learn and seek more information.

From an Irish American Seeking Knowledge of History

I am Irish American.  My mother was born in Ireland.  We are coming for a visit in  July and recently learned about workhouses in Ireland.  My own mother born and raised in Ireland didn’t even know about them and quite frankly was never taught anything about the potato famine.  We are journeying to Ireland to learn more about our history.  I find it disgraceful that these workhouse sites are not being preserved as reminder for all how much Irish people suffered and were denied basic human rights.

If anyone can forward us information about where we can visit a workhouse site in July we would be most grateful.

Ellen McGee

Ellen, you can read some articles on this blog to know of workhouse locations. Or just Google “Workhouses In Ireland” to find locations near where you will be visiting. There are Workhouses and Mass Grave Sites in many parts of Ireland


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