Posted by: irishhungercomm | March 6, 2011

Michael Blanch on Renewed Quest

Michael Blanch is on a new quest and putting serious efforts into a campaign on behalf of the Hunger Victims.

Here is what Michael has to say and you can visit the news article, mentioned, to learn more.

Hope you are all keeping well.   This is a further update of publicity we got on Thursday, 24th February in our local paper The Tallaght Echo.

Visit this website:

and go to page 11

There are a few minor inaccuracy in the article

1.  The National Famine Memorial Day was initiated by the Irish Government in May 2008

2. Dermot Lacey Dublin City Council has put a Motion forward to the Councils to identify former workhouses as sites of historical importance – this has yet to be passed.

3. Sean Kelly MEP has agreed to put a Motion to the European Parliament for An Gorta Mor to be officially recognised internationally.  Other Irish MEP’s have agreed to meetings with the CCIFV to further this campaign.

Michael Blanch


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