Posted by: irishhungercomm | February 15, 2011

The Workhouse in Ireland

Please visit this site and read this page.

I know this is a repeat of info already given but I’ve just read a part of this page.  It is must reading for all and a severe eye opener on this part of history.

Here’s one small piece:

“The Relief Commission’s attempts to generate employment through increased public works schemes proved hopelessly inadequate. There was insufficient work to satisfy demand, the wages were insufficient to keep up with escalating food prices, and food was often impossible to obtain because of the poor distribution network. The bitter irony is that many Irish farms did in fact continue to produce high-quality foods such as grain and meat throughout the famine years but landlords exported them to Britain because the local peasantry lacked the money to buy them. The British government connived in this activity by providing troops to protect some of these shipments.”



  1. Thanks to everyone on the Irish Hunger Committee for all the work done.

    Naming the events of 1845-48 a Famine was the greatest lie in Irish History. Those that buy into that line are fools and those that promote that line are liars. Strong words I know. But strong words are required to ensure respect is given to the million + that perished.

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