Posted by: irishhungercomm | December 4, 2010

Thruths and Un-Truths

From Brendan Flynn, The Ireland Canada Monument

I know of others trying to get the truth out. e.g. The Holocaust Site on Facebook. However, there is an awful lot of finger pointing going on there which I do not like myself. That will get us nowhere in my opinion.
My feeling is once people know how the Irish people died, it will be easy to figure out who caused it.

Even that is not the issue.

The issue is the dignity of those that died deserve the truth and nothing less. We (Irish) will be seen as real fools if we keep promoting the fact that those in Ireland that died in 1845-48 died because potatoes rotted in the ground. If we keep promoting that line, others will just accept thats they how 1.5+ million died and let us run with it.

The truth must be made crystal clear especially to children learning Irish History.

The thought comes to mind of composing a single sentence (or two) that would clearly indicate we Irish know the truth and we would like you (meaning the world) to know it also. It would not be offensive but instead give dignity to those that perished throughout Ireland.

Just a thought.

Best Regards




  1. There are two articles on about Chris Voigt, Director of the Washington State Potato Commission, who ate nothing but potatoes for 60 days. The article quotes his blog and his inevitable joke about wanting to go Ireland. Because, you know, the Irish love potatoes so much. It really pissed me off. This was my answer:

    “An Gorta Mór—The Great Hunger

    I came across this article and before even reading it, and I did a word search for Ireland and sure enough…

    Chris Voigt wanted to be closer to Ireland because the Irish love potatoes so much! Those crazy Irish! This might be funny except for the fact that the country’s potato crop failed completely from 1845-1851, leaving millions of Irish to starve or emigrate–those who did eat the potato for every meal, and not as an experiment or because it was nutritious, not for fun, but because they were forced to by the policies of the British government, which didn’t care if they lived or died and in fact believed the land was worth more without them living on it. (Nassau Senior, Oxford economist: the famine “would not kill more than one million people, and that would scarcely be enough to do any good.”)

    Imagine what it might be like if you truly have nothing but potatoes to eat, but every single one in sight is rotting from the inside out. Imagine what it might be like to watch your children go blind from malnutrition, be unable to walk due to bone pain from lack of body fat, to grow hair over their faces, die of starvation, typhus, cholera, from eating grass, dirt, the corpses of rotting animals, be tossed into a mass grave without so much as a shroud, all while the British government is shipping enough food out of the country to feed the population of your country three times over.

    Ok, possibly, I’m overreacting. But I do think it’s best to leave jokes about Ireland, even mild ones, out of any discussion of Chris Voigt’s potato diet. They’re not funny. Not if you know.

    For anyone interested I recommend Cecil Woodham’s Smith’s “The Great Hunger: Ireland: 1845-1849 or the short story “Ship Fever” by Andrea Barrett.”

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