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Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Move Ahead with Irish Famine Memorial Monument


Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Move Ahead with Irish Famine Memorial Monument

JERSEY CITY, NJ (August 22, 2010)  The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Hudson County has announced that a site has been granted for their Famine Memorial Monument.   The Hudson County Division of Parks has approved a site located within Lincoln Park in Jersey City for the large monument which will be installed at a date to be announced.

“The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Hudson County are elated that we have been granted a site for this important monument,” said Vince McHale, Chairman of the Famine Monument committee.  “We are grateful to everyone who has helped this project to be realized.  We are dedicated to remembering the thousands of Irish, who in order to preserve their faith, suffered both famine and exile.”

The Famine Memorial Moment project was started by members of the Friendly Sons in February 2003, as a way of remembering the lives lost in the Irish famine of 1845-1852.  The monument also serves as reminder of the lives of the countless Irish men and women who immigrated to the United States during that time and helped to build the United States of America.

Since 2003, the Friendly Sons have worked diligently to raise awareness of the devastating Irish famine, known as An Gorta Mor, and how the potato blight was exasperated by the cruel oppression of the Irish people by the English government.   They have also worked fervently to raise the $55,000 to erect the Famine Memorial Monument.  To date, they have collected $35,000.

The Famine Memorial Monument will be seventeen feet Celtic Cross made of Barre Grey Granite, weighing 17,000 lbs.   The monument was designed by the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick of Hudson County to include various images and symbols to represent Ireland and the famine.  Guidance for the monument project provided by Burns Brothers Memorials of Jersey City, New Jersey, and the monument was constructed by the Rock of Ages Quarry in Barre, Vermont.  The monument will be delivered to Jersey City on Monday, August 30, 2010.  The Friendly Sons are awaiting the date for installation of the monument in Lincoln Park.

The Friendly Sons are still accepting donations toward the Famine Memorial Monument project, to raise the final $20,000 needed.   To make a tax-deductible donation, send checks to The Friendly Sons Monument Fund, P.O. Box 7924, Jersey City, New Jersey 07307-7924.


Vince McHale, Famine Monument Chairman



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