Posted by: irishhungercomm | August 12, 2010

Australia Famine Monument

The Irish Famine Monument.

Hyde Park Barracks Sydney

Keep the monument alive by supporting our outreach programmes

The GIFCC has established two Funds to commemorate the orphan girls who were refugees from the Great Irish Famine. The funds are directed to two outreach programmes which support women affected
by famine and political pressures which cause them to flee their own countries. The public are invited to support these programmes by making a tax-deductible donation to the Funds thus ensuring that the programmes will continue to grow and expand into the future. The GIFCC was established in 1996 to build a memorial to commemorate the Great Irish Famine (1845-1850) and the 4114 orphan girls who came to Australia as a result. The Australian Monument to The Great Irish Famine at the Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, was unveiled by Sir William Deane, Governor- General of Australia on August 28th, 1999. The committee’s objective is to keep the Monument alive by holding an annual commemoration day, maintaining a website, producing a newsletter and supporting the Mamre and UWS refugee programmes. The Irish Memorial Fund–Mamre supports a programme established by the Sisters of Mercy at Mamre Homestead, St Marys, NSW, to help African refugees, especially those from Southern Sudan. This programme comprises classes in commercial cookery, English language, social and life skills, womens’ health, food, nutrition and child care. At present the GIFCC Mamre Fund is assisting a farming and fresh vegetable production enterprise at Mamre. The Great Irish Famine Memorial Prize Endowment Fund at the University of Western Sydney is an annual award to a female UWS student who has come to Australia as a refugee and is committed to building a career and a life here. Ultimately the aim of the GIFCC is to build suffi cient funds to create a full-time scholarship for a female refugee student at UWS.



Phone enquiries: 02 9417 4193


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