Posted by: irishhungercomm | August 12, 2010

Australia – 11th. Annual Commemoration Gathering

For those of you in Australia here are details of  The Great Irish Famine Commemoration.

This is held in Sydney and Tom Power, the Chairman, has kindly sent us an invitation.  It is terrific to see that people all around the world remember the Victims of the Great Hunger.

The Great Irish Famine Commemoration Committee invites you and your family to the 11th Annual Commemoration gathering at the Irish Famine Monument, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Entertainment from 11:00am; Formalities from 12:30pm – Guests of Honour: members of the Irish Diplomatic Corp – The guest speaker: Irish author, Evelyn Conlon. – The title of her address is ‘Disembarking Silence’ – Join us for traditional Irish hospitality! – You are invited to place flowers at the monument.

ADMISSION: members free; adults $5; families $10

Fair Game: Australia’s first immigrant women: a story of single free female emigrants in the 1830s

by Liz Rushen & Perry McIntyre will be launched on the day.

RSVP: Tom Power 9417 4193, Marie Tunks 9405 3959 or by Monday, 23 August 2010

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dear friends and supporters,

Once again we are coming around with our ‘begging bowl’ as, I am sure, are many other worthwhile organisations and charities. We realise that at this time of year you are often inundated with mail and emails with requests for financial help. We all have our favourite charities and we give what we can afford especially during the month of June so as to take advantage of a taxation deduction. But whether as a descendant of an Irish Famine Orphan or a friend of the Monument you may wish to take the opportunity to support our outreach programmes as outlined in the brochure. In this way you will help keep the monument ‘alive’ and give some meaning to its existence. The monument is a part of our history and heritage.

Please don’t let it die.

There will be no further mail out prior to the gathering at the Monument on 29 August 2010. You will notice that we are charging an entrance fee for the first time this year. We are reluctant to do this but in recent times our numbers have grown which makes it difficult to meet all the costs attached to our entertainment and refreshment programmes. Additionally, this year, our event has to be conducted within a fenced area which, among other things, has to be paid for.

Membership application and renewal forms will be available on the day.

Most sincerely,

Tom Power

Chairman GIFCC. Inc


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