Posted by: irishhungercomm | August 11, 2010

Irish America Magazine – Don’t Miss this Great Hunger Issue

This link will take you to the June / July issue of Irish America Magazine. Nearly the entire issue is devoted to articles related to the Great Hunger. Preparation for this issue has ensured that many different aspects of the period are covered – it’s a must read for sure.

The cover story for this important issue is by Thomas Cahill. Go to the site using the above address – just copy / paste it into your browser bar.

Why Famine Came to Ireland
Thomas Cahill writes on the great catastrophe that became known as the Famine. The mass exodus of people during and following this period would forever change the course of Irish and American history.

And, let me add a word of encouragement from Bill Fahey:

“I urge all of to go to

It’s where you will find this edition of Irish America.  Print and save the information for future use. Use e-mail contacts to spread the word.”



  1. Hello my name is Gerard Kelly aka mo chara i am a mural artist from Belfast i have painted murals about Ireland under British rule for the past 25 years. I am working on a mural with my fellow artist Damien Walker for the last 4 months about the British government genocide in Ireland from 1847 to 1852 I would like to contact Owen Rodgers to see if this mural can be used to help The famine was genocide committee campaign,I would also like to send him a photo of this mural,I met Owen in 1998 in New York and i got his phone number but I have lost it, if it is possible could you past on my email address to him. thank you for your time slan mo chara

  2. Owen Rodgers contact details: Phone 917-379-0955
    e mail:

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